Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Started

Starting a business is hard, and often overlooked is the role technology will play as part of the growth strategy and daily operations. Yeah, we think about needing email, social media, and being mobile. But organizations tend not to plan the integration of technology, driven by data.

We are now in the age of the "Internet of Things", where more and more devices are being built with connectivity to the Internet. It took the cake for me when I was at the Dreamforce conference last November, when Phillips showcased a toothbrush that is Wi-Fi based with GPS. I sat there thinking, why do I want my toothbrush connected to the Internet? Will that be a way for my dentist to monitor if I am actually brushing? Or determine if I am brushing correctly based on the positioning of toothbrush? Then I thought about it for a second; I could rationalize such connectivity, if such connectivity provides a way to get firmware update. The toothbrush now becomes a platform. Instead of needing to buy a new toothbrush, I can get a firmware update to extend the life of the toothbrush, add new functionality such as an extra brush cycles, etc.

What does Phillips new toothbrush has to do with starting a new business. It conveys the pressing need for connectivity as a function of doing business. Connectivity brings a global audience to a local address. For those of you that say I am not looking to be global; connectivity helps you to reach your customers (and target audience – potential customers), no matter where they are.


Things to consider when starting a business:
  1. No man is an island, get help and do not lose track of what is the main thing;
  2. Write it down, and follow the plan;
  3. Formal registration of business, protect yourself and your idea
  4. Develop a branding strategy across all mediums (move away from to;
  5. Explore different service models for business support services; and
  6. Sign-up for some form of legal support.

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